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Handball is an individual sport in which a player uses his hands to hit a small rubber ball against a front wall. Handball can be played on an indoor court with four walls and a ceiling, on an outdoor court with a front and two side walls, or using only one front wall. Doubles can also be played where a team of two competes against another team. After the handball is served, each team must alternate between hits and must get to the ball before it bounces twice. A player must be serving in order to earn a point, and the winner is the first one to get to a specific point total, usually 21, 15, or 11.
ClubSys is speialized to fit your handball managmenet needs. Use our software to allow handball students to enter online for a handball instructional camp to learn the strategies of the game. Accounting section will track tournament revenue and payments. 
ClubSys software includes all its excellent core features plus to assist handball coaches we have the following added in addition.
  • Track hours by staff, supports multiple pay rates per staff member. 
  • Keeps your facilities and schedules organized.
  • Online registration easily integrates with your existing website using a single line of code.
  • Helps to build a better schedule.
  • Create and manage terms, create new venues, create groups.
  • Athlete management for coaches and trainers.
  • Set Start and end dates for your season.
  • Allows you to schedule any time, any place with internet access.
  • The availability of each group can be easily monitored with an option to overload the groups if required.
  • Move kids from one level to another levels.
  • Print daily staff schedule to see the players under each team.
  • Decreases the amount of time spent on scheduling.
Saving a great deal on the amount of time spent on scheduling can be a very positive benefit of using the software. We help limit the redundancy of the schedules getting handled by several different people in the coaching department. The schedules can be put in once by the coaches and then be shared by staff, parents and the community. When changes are made they are updated immediately to the site. The system will allow the user to build several different types of scheduling reports based on the needs of the district.

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